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Join me in the discovery process – check out ideas I’ve encountered about all the different aspects of camp. Check out who I am and what I am doing with summer camp revolution here.

Because it’s brag-worthy

Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids fame published a post on my new summer camp venture in New Jersey. It’s called A Camp With Only 3 Rules. Hope you enjoy!

Marketing your Summer Camp

Marketing 101 – start here.

Your camp is not its jet skis – figuring out what you’re selling

Telling your camp’s story online – an article I wrote for

4 things you can do from March to June to boost your camp’s enrollment. – an article I wrote for Go Camp Pro.

The 8 Marketing Platforms we used to Double our Enrollment.

1) Marketing to your best audience – 7 inexpensive tricks we’ve used that guarantee a better chance to retain each camper

2) 11 easy ways to enhance your word of mouth marketing campaign

3) Making materials available publicly (mailing them to churches to be put out, putting them in libraries, at the mall, etc)

4) Getting first time campers with 2 easy direct-mail strategies

5) Mobilizing your camp’s website for maximum marketing impact

6) Traditional print advertising – Are traditional print marketing platforms still worth it?

7) Paid Online Advertising – check out this article which demystifies online advertising, and shares our successes and failures with easy things you can do to pay for advertising online better. I break down the pros and cons of Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and traditional banner advertising.

8) Creating online outposts (facebook, twitter, pinterest, facebook discussion groups, etc).

(I’m sure I missed some awesome way to market. Contact me and let me know!)

The Business of Summer Camp

The Summer Camp Retention Tool – learn what each camper is worth to your camp monetarily, and the power of increased summer camp retention rates.
3 easy things a non-profit summer camp can do to earn more money and have a broader impact, and article I wrote for Go Camp Pro.

Developing the Best Summer Camp Culture Possible.

Rediscovering the “Why?” of your summer camp
Creating a summer camp that avoids becoming stagnant.
How I learned offering more choice at summer camp was so important.
On “Kids Today,” how Teenagers Saved the Human Race, and What We’re Doing About it
“I’m a dude,” he said. Lessons from a Transgender Summer Camper.
360 Degree Feedback – a different take on evaluations.
Sending fewer kids home, and sending those who can’t stay home with love.
4 important phone calls your camp might not be making – an article I wrote for Go Camp Pro.

The 5 Silver Bullets to Stopping Bullying
Step 1 – Transcending Supervision, and Striving for Engagement
Step 2 – The Benefits of Mixed-Aged Interactions
Helping kids realize they are good using Growth Mindset Language

Training staff in what really matters

I’ve written 2 articles for CampHacker.TV on Staff Training. Check them out!
Getting Staff to buy-in to your mission, and buy in to each other
Framing Expectations and Building Empathy between Staff Members

A CampHacker article I wrote about how getting out of the office during summer camp changed everything can be found here.

Why your staff doesn’t approach you, and one staff training activity you can do to help them do so. – an article I wrote for Go Camp Pro.

Killer Summer Camp Activities and Programming

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