What we can do for you

How our summer camp ideas can help you get from where you are, to where you want to be

There’s an opportunity that exists for summer camps now that won’t be around forever. The fact remains that many businesses that work with kids, especially non-profits, are leaving a huge amount of potential reach and revenue on the table every year by not taking advantage of even “low hanging fruit” opportunities to increase the number of lives they change each year.

I’ve been searching for these opportunities, picking through piles of ideas in an attempt to discover which ideas will help summer camps, and which ideas won’t. My hope is to bring you along on this discovery process, and hopefully learn from you, if you’ll share with me!

You see, I believe strongly in the power of one good ideaideas. Get better ideas, make better decisions. Pretty simple.

Summer Camp Revolution hopes to take the power of one good idea to the internet. I’m going to put out as many articles as I can, each focused around an idea that I think can benefit your business and your campers. Sometimes it will be a quick marketing idea. I’ll frequently point you to our retention tool to remind you the power of one good programming idea as it pertains to retaining more campers and bettering your business. Sometimes I’ll throw out a quick summer camp activity, or a tip for web design, or an awesome resource that someone else has developed that can make your summer camp even better.

But it will all be under the same umbrella. Each article published has and will have a suggestion for one good idea, that if applied over the course of many decisions, will help your campers and your business over and over again. And if you have a good idea – please – share it! This is a discovery process for me as much as anyone, and if I hold ideas that are less than the best, I want to change them. Running the best summer camp is about finding the best teachings, not being the perfect teacher, and this is a process that we’re all undertaking together.