Summer Camp Consulting

Summer Camp Consulting to Revitalize your Organization

Good news! As of January 2015 I’m working nearly full time on Go Camp Pro – a continuing education platform for camp directors. I’m available as much as our constituent camps need, and having conversations every day with camp directors who care about camp as much as I do. Which is pretty awesome. And it’s just $199 a year. Check it out.

You got into summer camping – or most likely, you stayed in summer camping – because you know what summer camp does for the young people that get to experience it. But being a year round staff person at camp is nothing like being a counselor. There’s email, and board meetings, and staff conflict, and running an entire business throughout the year that doesn’t look a whole lot like the summer camp you remember.

And sometimes, things don’t go perfectly.

But the cool thing? As an industry, we’re still leaps and bounds of other organizations when it comes to changing kids’ lives. It’s just time that we put aside “the way things used to be” and get entrepreneurial.

It’s time to learn from our competitors, rather than wish they didn’t exist.

It’s time to run our camps like a business. A life changing, world shaping business. But a business.

That’s where I come in.

As an online businessman of 8 years, and a former Executive Director, and a former professional poker player – I know what it takes to fix a bunch of small issues and wake up with a sailing ship. Let me share what I can do with you.

The 10 Step Camp Management Framework

Camp Management Slide

By employing the 10 step camp management framework, we can successfully navigate from “why” your camp exists to “how” we’ll make sure your camp has the maximum impact. I’ve worked with some of the top business consultants in the world to develop a framework that helped me grow the Vanderkamp Center by more than double in 3 years. I’m confident that these strategies can work for you, too.

Summer Camp Marketing Assessment Approach

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If you feel like a total master planning strategy sounds like more than you’re ready to undertake, I can operate a summer camp marketing assessment for you as a stand alone project. Having presented at the ACA TriState Conference on Website Search Engine Optimization, I am the expert in the camping industry when it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of our online marketing platforms. I can work with you to develop a sophisticated and track-able marketing approach using the latest in online marketing techniques, from Facebook or Google advertisements, to writing effective on-site sales copy, to getting your website to show up in search engines for free, and more.

An approach that works

Case Study

Until you’ve been in the saddle at a summer camp, you don’t know what it’s like to sit down in front of a computer and think, “So this is all up to me, huh?”

I remember that feeling all too well. The good news? There’s no need to re-invent the wheel. There are approaches out there that work, and the growth we saw at the Vanderkamp Center was proof of that. Working together, we can ensure that you can grow more camps and change more lives.

Just contact me (or email me at and let me know if you’re ready.