Getting first time campers with 2 easy direct-mail strategies 2

Getting first time campers with 2 easy direct-mail strategies

Posted by on Mar 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Utilizing 2 of the oldest (and still best) tricks in the books to help grow your summer camp Alright, this one is going to be quite a bit shorter than some of the other marketing articles I’ve written – largely because the ideas speak for themselves. I think both ideas are a lot easier than many people I’ve spoken to think they are, so I am going to lay down a quick how to. Flyering local schools So, this is one of the easiest and best ways we’ve grown camp in the last few years. I print single-sided, full color flyers. I’ll even attach what I use for school flyers right here. A bullet points on what I try to accomplish with these flyers, and why I’ve constructed them the way they do: 1) I always go with color – kids get so many flyers home, that I want to catch their eye. 2) I always go image heavy – kids are looking at pictures first. If I can sell them on pictures, parents will get to see the flyer. That is goal #1. 3) Since parents get so many flyers, I try to bold specific words and phrases that will catch their eye. I try to emphasize the...

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